What We Do

We provide dispatch service to semi trucks only. We do not dispatch sprinter vans, box trucks, hot shots and other small vehicles (at this time).

Loads Search
We have multiple lanes with brokers, as well as search load boards to deliver best results.
Negotiate Better Rates
We try to increase price of the load as much as we can.
Calculate driver's hours
We monitor ELDs and give suggestions to drivers.
Set-Up Packets
We complete set-up packets, certificates of insurance and credit checks.
We negotiate all downtime for your drivers.
Send Monthly Analytics
We calculate miles and RPMs and compare to market averages each month.
Woman Truck Driver Train Logistics

What People Say About Us

The team was so professional and catered to my wants/needs
~Ashley Smith

I was all over the place trying to drive and book loads for myself and two of my other drivers when someone referred me to MVP. MVP definitely put my mind at ease
~Jerry Williams

ALL I want to do is drive! MVP makes sure I can do that
~Timothy Jones